Factory introduction

Geographical location

Qima Factory - Dunyi Garment Factor is located in China's famous 'General County' Hong 'an.

With the goal of 'providing extreme safety protective equipment for all mankind', we focus on the production and manufacture of camouflage protective equipment.

Factory introduction

Plant size

Cema set design, production, service as one of the professional manufacturing enterprises, factory area of 3000 square meters, hundreds of equipment, 120 workers, 3 JIT assembly line, a comprehensive daily capacity of 3500 sets.

Factory introduction

Qualification certificate

ISO international quality system certification, AAA integrity system certification

Factory introduction

Personnel service

Sales Engineer: to provide you with professional customized solutions;

Garment Maker: Provide technical and management support for your order.

Factory introduction

Product service

With a global sales record of 160 million pieces, we cooperate with well-known Chinese enterprises and industry leaders, including the Military Games, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Gree Electric Appliances, Beijing Communist Youth League, Shanghai West Point Military Academy, Guangzhou Black Mamba and Chinese universities to provide a full set of protective equipment solutions.

Factory introduction

Future development

Shield Factory is an active explorer of industry 4.0, aiming at high-end, intelligent and green development, speeding up the construction of modern industrial system, from following to leading the global trend, to provide the ultimate safety protective equipment for all mankind.

Factory introduction


Factory introduction
Geographical locationQima Factory - Dunyi Garment ...