Introduction to the Patent

Cema 2.0 patented camouflage – “Starshine” camouflage has broken through the traditional camouflage design style and concept. While following the camouflage principle, the geometric irregular shape for the pattern design, which not only has the design principle advantages of digital electronic camouflage, that is, cutting edges to separate the colors to form a visual illusion with mixed different directions of patterns and colors, but also avoids the limitations of mechanical and unnatural lattice edge of traditional digital camouflage to the description of natural objects.

Through the irregular geometric patches sparsely and densely scattering, “Starshine” camouflage can mix color, form a more complex color distribution mechanism again, expand the range of the apparently affected color area, and result in color regeneration. It enriches the visual deception color value with limited color value and completes the depiction of mimicry and color mimicry of topography and vegetation of the camouflage field.

Our camouflage uses two mature and excellent design concepts, in which a new integration of them aids to achieve a new level of camouflage effect and camouflage theory.